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Debtor Trace

If someone has left you with an unpaid debt and you want to carry out a Debtor Trace we can help you.

You may have good reason to want to trace a debtor, a former business or marital partner, a relative or an old friend.

Their contact details might simply have been lost, they have moved away, changed jobs, possibly married, maybe changed their name, or there may well be some more serious cause, such as –

  • A troubling event within their family or place of work
  • A breakdown and withdrawal from family, friends and colleagues
  • Difficulties within their emotional, marital or business relationships
  • A need to escape from having to face their responsibilities
  • Personal financial problems or a wish to avoid creditors
  • Some irrational impulse to get away, when they really need help

Tracing people can be complex. Searching for someone with whom you have lost contact is usually easier and likely to cost less than trying to trace someone who does not wish to be found. If you can provide a name, last known address, and possibly a date of birth, there is a strong probability that we can locate that person.

Debtor tracing in Chelmsford Essex
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If you are owed money or believe that you have been defrauded, you may need to trace one or more people in order to seek legal redress. We can help you to locate them so that they can be served with the appropriate court papers.

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Every situation is different, from simple and straightforward to complicated and problematic. We have access to specialised databases, but it helps if you can provide us with information to help us understand the likely cause for someone’s disappearance.

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Whatever your reason for needing to trace someone, we may well be able to help. We have a high success rate in establishing the whereabouts of most people we are asked to trace.

If you need help locating a bad debtor, former business partner etc…

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