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Essex Private Investigators

Providing professional bespoke services to private individuals, commercial clients & Solicitors.

Matrimonial Infidelity

Clients often suspect that their partner is having an extramarital affair but have no proof.

Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance is watching and following people and situations without detection.

Debtor Trace

If someone has left you with an unpaid debt and you want to carry out a Debtor Trace we can help you.

Process Server

We have long and extensive experience of Process serving in Essex and the surrounding areas.

Private Investigators Essex Covert Surveillance

Essex Private Investigator Services

Essex Private investigator with over 40 years of combined experience. Employ the best! If you need to prove infidelity or need proof of breach of contract we can get that evidence for you.

Essex Private Investigator with decades of expertise in the Private Investigation field. We are not only in our opinion the number 1 Detective Agency in the Essex and surrounding areas, we have been established since 1989. However, we have been working within the industry since 1981. Over 40 years of experience, gained form thousands of hours of covert surveillance work, together with the personal service of thousands of county and high court legal documents served on behalf of our clients.

Matrimonial Enquires | Surveillance | Cohabitation surveillance | Process Serving | Debtor Tracing

As an established UK Private Investigator we possess the knowledge and skills requisite for conducting discreet surveillance operations discreetly and effectively.

Our imagery of the subjects we observe is second to none. Private Investigators should be able to get good quality clear shots of the subject’s they observe and to do that they need to have good quality photographic equipment, both overt and covert kit. Essex Private Investigators t/a KSM Investigations backs up everything they confirm with time and date stamped images throughout their observation periods. 

To be a great UK Private Investigator you have to be dedicated and keen to get the desired results. You cannot buy experience that only comes with years of practice and knowledge learnt in the field and an ‘Operative’ or ‘Agent’ carrying out covert or counter surveillance. As an Inquiry Agent, Spy, Gumshoe or Private Dick if you like covert surveillance and process Serving accounts for probably 80% of the work we do.

Our Detective Agency has been around since 1989 as previously mentioned and still continues to service clients today, many of whom are constant and have remained with our company despite the competition we face these days. Many of these other newer firms having only been established in recent years. 

Private Investigators or Detective Agency such as our are often referred to as ‘Inquiry Agent’ ‘PI’ ‘Private Dick’ ‘Private Eye’ ‘Private Detective’ ‘Gumshoe’ ‘Sleuth’ ‘Private Dick’ or ‘Spy’ but not matter what you call or refer to us as we all carry out the same type of services. Generally our Investigation Company carries out Surveillance, Process Serving, and we also offer a tracing service to trace the likes of debtors or tenants leaving massive debt and or damage behind.

Should you find yourself in a situation necessitating evidence-gathering for matters such as potential infidelity in your relationship, disputes with a business partner, or breaches of contractual agreements, we stand ready to support you in securing the necessary proof.

Conducting discreet surveillance on an individual demands a high level of professionalism and experience as said, traits that our team of seasoned professionals embodies.

Matrimonial affairs are among the common issues we handle, recognising the sensitivity and significance involved in each case. We approach each matter with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Our operatives bring extensive experience in the surveillance sector, with years of practice under their belts.

Our agents come from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement, military, and civilian sectors, each boasting a minimum of a decade in the field of investigative work, either with various detective agencies or practicing as private investigators in their own right.

We do not outsource our work. By choosing us, you gain direct access to our veteran agents who are fully immersed in the investigative field. We assure you that all our agents possess a minimum of ten years’ experience as private investigators.

Our array of services encompasses specialised investigations into marital infidelity and similar circumstances where covert surveillance may be warranted.

Whether your requirements lean towards Surveillance, Debtor Tracing, Process Servicing, or any other solutions from our portfolio please contact us for a no obligation estimate of costs.

Should you find yourself in need of substantiating suspicions of disloyalty in your personal connections, encountering disputes with a business confidant, or unearthing contractual violations, our expertise may prove invaluable in establishing the substantiation you seek. Conduct Essex Private Investigator t/a KSM investigations via our contact details. although based in Essex we cover the whole of the UK

Conducting discreet observation over individuals demands the expertise of adept professionals adapt in this specialised domain.

Our endeavours frequently revolve around matrimonial concerns, recognising the weighty consequences of potential compromises in such scenarios. Each scenario undergoes meticulous handling, ensuring a process characterised by meticulous attention and confidentiality.

Essex Private Investigators has a team that comprises proficient field agents with a wealth of experience in the surveillance sector, boasting a track record built over the years.

In the event that you require services encompassing surveillance, debtor tracing or process-serving or any other related investigative undertakings, rest assured that our agency UK Private Investigator t/a KSM Investigations.

Areas we cover are as follows:

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If you need Surveillance, Debtor tracing, Process Server or any of our other services…

Our aim

To ensure high quality results and clear evidence in support of our investigations.

We only employ experienced investigators with a minimum of ten years in the industry, Agents who are specialists in covert surveillance techniques. This obviates the risk that their evidence may be unsatisfactory for legal purposes, if we need to appear in court on behalf of our clients. 

Our objective is to obtain the desired result as cost effectively as possible for our clients.

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We use advanced, high-definition camcorders, long lens professional DSLR’s and covert wi-fi cameras.

Professional equipment is essential to obtain the desired result and we therefore invest heavily in new up to date equipment to enable us to get the best possible results.

Licensing & Memberships

Essex Private Investigators t/a KSM Investigations are Full Members of the ‘Association of British Investigators’ (ABI) As yet there is currently no government-licensing scheme for Private Investigators however we are fully accredited members of the Association of British Investigators, the leading organisation for our profession.


In line with industry standards and as additional reassurance for our clients, we have professional indemnity Insurance of up to £1million.

Fees & Charges

Our fees & charges are based on time and Mileage. As each clients requirements are unique we will provide you with a bespoke cost effective package to meet your requirements. 

Having had a initial discussion with you we will provide you with a free no obligation quote for the work required.

Our charges will not deviate from the quote as all payments are made in advance and therefore there are no nasty surprises at a later date. There are no additional charges.