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Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance is watching and following people and situations without detection.

With over thirty years’ experience investigating infidelity and other cases, we can provide clients with a range of surveillance services to detect and confirm breaches of trust.

Whatever your needs, we will keep you informed throughout any enquiry. Clients have access to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are not under contract and can call a halt to any observation with a simple ‘phone call. 

We provide surveillance services, observing spouses for the general public, insurance companies, solicitors and corporate clients. We invest in the latest equipment and our experienced investigators will remain undetected throughout your enquiry. Surveillance is used for, but not limited to –

  • Suspected marital infidelity
  • Confirming illicit cohabitation
  • Dishonest personal Injury claims
  • Breaches of garden leave agreements
  • Spurious claims for statutory sick pay

Most operations are a mix of static, mobile, progressive, and technical surveillance. A fifth type, “surveillance counter measures”, aims to detect covert listening devices.

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Static Surveillance

Generally we use the rear of a vehicle, such as a car with tinted windows, to carry out surveillance and watch individuals.

Usually when clients are interested in a particular property which may, for example, be used for cohabitation

For rural properties, we may have to use whatever natural cover is available, with the observer reporting to a mobile surveillance team.

Dressing as a homeless person has been used, while the observer sits in a doorway, with sleeping bag, box and covers to get a view of the premises under surveillance.

Mobile Surveillance

This requires a small team of observers to follow a subject on foot or in a vehicle.

Progressive Surveillance

This method is also used by government agencies, the DHSS and police to follow criminals and those who are likely to be aware that they are under surveillance.

To allay suspicion, progressive surveillance requires them to be followed in stages over an extended period.

Each time they are followed a little further, or tracked along a known route, until we have identified the address being used. Progressive surveillance is rarely needed to follow those suspected of infidelity but otherwise going about their daily lives. They are unlikely to expect they are under surveillance and are easier to observe, which helps us to minimise costs. 

Surveillance Counter Measures

Surveillance counter measures are used when someone suspects that a device has been fitted in their car, house or office to spy on them. Bug sweeps are routine and we are happy to quote for their search and removal.

We work with one of the most experienced UK counter surveillance investigators, who has built and installed bugs for over twenty years and now carries out sweeps for governments, public companies and private individuals.

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Covert Surveillance

If you would like us carry out an observation on your behalf then you will need to provide us with as much information as possible.

We would need to know as much as possible in regards to the subject of the enquiry.

The more you can tell us the more we can help you confirm your suspicions or put your mind at rest.

Please provide as much as possible of the following:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Photo/s
  4. Detailed description
  5. Dress code
  6. Vehicle details, make model index number
  7. Work address
  8. Hours of engagement (work)
  9. Venues frequented
  10. Possible persons of interest together with their details.

If you would like us carry out an observation on your behalf then…

or email us at for an informal discussion and a free, no obligation quote.

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