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Matrimonial Infidelity

Clients often suspect that their partner is having an extramarital affair but have no proof.

Matrimonial infidelity is not only damaging and hurtful but costly to both partners. Get the proof you need now to secure your future.

We are there to help establish if this is the case and provide them with clear evidence through the process of surveillance

You may need us on only one occasion and may be a little apprehensive. We understand the difficulty of your situation and will tell you immediately if we can help you with your enquiry. We will also advise you of the likely outcome and costs.

Our aim is to assist those with serious relationship concerns. We provide a discreet and confidential service which protects your privacy and guarantees that we will not put you under any pressure or initiate unwanted contact.

Matrimonial infidelity investigation in Chelmsford
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How we work

You should first contact us for an informal and confidential discussion to see if we are able to help. We will go over the options with you in detail and propose the most cost-effective and appropriate way forward based on the outcome of our conversation.

Often we need no more than an outline of your circumstances to give you initial advice. After our discussion, you should take as much time as you feel necessary to decide if you need our help.

Confidentiality is crucial so we will never call you back, but wait for you to let us know if you wish to take things further. We offer a free telephone consultation, and if you decide to go ahead, we will email you with a free, no obligation quote. If you accept the quote, payment is required before we begin the investigation.

There are no charges in addition to our original quote, unless you inform us during an investigation that your requirements have changed. If so, a revised agreement will be emailed to you for payment so that we can continue.

You next provide us with details of the person, or persons, whose behaviour you wish us to investigate and we agree when to start. We then carry out the investigation on your behalf. You can contact us during and afterwards by mobile phone, text, email or whatever means you prefer, and which protect your privacy and the confidential nature of our investigation.

At the conclusion of the investigation we will provide you with a full written report complete with any images, which will be time and date stamped.

You may then wish to instruct us further, otherwise our investigation is complete. We will not contact you again unless you call us. This ensures that discretion is maintained.

Infidelity, the background

If you have reason to suspect that your partner is cheating on you, the following figures show that infidelity is more common than you may think. As a result, we are frequently briefed to carry out marital surveillance for clients right across Essex and into London.

Research shows 18-20% of married couples experience infidelity at some point in their relationship with over 50%of men and women admitting to cheating at least once*. Half of the 170,000 population of Chelmsford are married or in a civil partnership, which equates to 42,500 couples. At 50 per cent, more than 20,000 individuals in Chelmsford may be cheating or have cheated on their partners.

If you suspect infidelity, your situation is far from unique. We can help you establish the facts. Chelmsford is thirty miles north-east of London, and we are well placed to cover infidelity issues in Essex as well as London efficiently and cost effectively.

By using the latest techniques and equipment we are usually able to catch those who are cheating their partners. We use time and date stamped photos to back up our findings.

Being based in Chelmsford, Essex we often deal with Matrimonial infidelity.

Having over thirty years experience in the industry we have helped thousands of private clients resolve their relationship issues. Many of whom have reconciled after having been presented with our photos and full report.

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If you have any doubts about your partner…

or email us at for an informal discussion and a free, no obligation quote.

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