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Terms and Conditions


1.0        ‘You’ refers to a Client of KSM Investigations, or ‘Essex Private Investigators’ t/a ‘KSM Investigations’ be that an ‘Individual’, Firm, or Corporate Client.

1.1        ‘Us’ ‘KSM’, ‘We’ ‘Our’, ‘Private Investigators’, ‘Our Detectives’, ‘Representative’, ‘Agent’, ‘Staff’, refers to KSM Investigations.


2.0        We shall provide the following service (s) to the client in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2.1        Our services include but are not limited to “Private Investigations”, “Surveillance”, Counter Surveillance, “Process Serving”, “Trace Enquiries”, or any type of “Enquiry” related to our business type.

2.2        We will not take on any case that we consider inappropriate, not necessary or disproportionate in relation to the evidence required.

2.3        We will commence our service/s to you at an agreed time and date, subject to cleared funds being paid in advance of any such work.

2.4        KSM Investigations will cease work for the client when there is no further requirement and or we have achieved the objective or we deem appropriate.

2.5        Our company will work as efficiently as possible and within the shortest period of
time to achieve the clients objective.

2.6        Due to the nature of our business a successful outcome for any case can never be guaranteed. Our fees are paid, strictly for time, mileage and out pocket expenses whilst engaged on your case.


3.0        All instructions, whether given by you verbally, in writing, or by electronic media must be agreed by a member of staff in writing. In the absence of such an agreement, we reserve the right not to act on such instructions, even if an agreement is implied.


4.0        We charge on a time and mileage basis and or an agreed daily rate, (daily rate is limited to 12 hours) additional hourly charges apply for anything over and above the initial 12 hours when a charge is based on a daily rate.

4.1        Out of pocket expenses are charged at cost and a valid receipt will be available upon request of the client. Out of pocket expenses include, but are not limited to:‘parking’, “public transport’, ‘flights’, ‘hotels’, ‘car hire’, ‘tolls’, ‘CCLondon’, ‘bars’, ‘restaurants’, any additional cost that the company may incur in addition to our hourly or daily rates.

4.2        All charges may vary depending on your enquiry and all charges are plus VAT at the standard rate at the time of engagement.


5.0        Upon completion of your instructions, one of our Agents will report to you in a format that we will determine. This may include, oral reports, written reports.

5.1        Whilst the greatest of care and attention is paid to our reporting, they are provided in good faith, and as such KSM do not accept any liability for any damages or losses arising from any inaccuracies contained in the report/s or from the use, misuse, or any unlawful distribution of the information contained in them.

5.2        Any report issued by KSM remains our intellectual property. We do not permit the distribution of our reports to any third party, publisher in part or in full, without our express written consent.

5.3        Any report sent to the client will be in a word format and if sent via the internet the word document will be password protected and a separate password will be sent to the client via another means.

5.4        All images obtained of the data subject will be sent within the body of the aforesaid password protected document at the time of reporting. If hard copies of images are required the cost of development will be passed on to the client.


6.1        In no way shell our company be liable for any loss of profit, goodwill, loss of business, loss of data or any other indirect or consequential loss or damage


7.1        Either party may terminate the contract between us.

8.0        LAW

8.1        The client agrees to protect and defend the company, sub-contractors and Agents identity.

8.2        The client also by agreeing to these terms and conditions agrees to reimburse the company for any costs, claims or legal costs made against the company resulting in the company carrying out their work on behalf of the client.


9.1        The company or its Agents and representative will never disclose the clients information without being served with the proper legal instrument that KSM Investigations/Essex Private Investigators must comply with, unless the client
expressly wishes us to release any such information to a third party. In the absence of such instrument, or the client’s authority in writing to release information pertaining to a client’s enquiry, the company consider all client materials, identity data, and all material relating to the client investigations as highly confidential.

9.2        All information kept and stored by the company on their hard drives, cloud or Dropbox, any backups will be held in accordance with the General data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR). However the company do not retain any data in relation to the client or the subject data for any longer than absolutely necessary and once passed to the client all data becomes the responsibility of the client to protect for any legal litigation. KSM Investigations will delete all data as soon as practical and reasonable.


10.0      By instructing KSM Investigations you confirm your agreement to these terms.