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Fees & Charges

Essex Private Investigators Fees & Charges are very competitive.

Following an initial discussion with you regarding any of our services, we will send you a free, no obligation Estimate of fees.

There are no hidden charges.

Out of pocket expenses with a valid receipt are the only additional charges and there will be a valid receipt available upon request. Out of pocket expenses are such things as follow for example anything whilst in your employee: 

  1. Tolls 
  2. Parking
  3. Mileage if over the first 100 miles per vehicle
  4. Entry price at Venue
  5. Hotels 
  6. Restaurants and Bars
  7. Parking and fines.


Above applies only if Applicable and agreed, we hope to include as much as possible of any out of pocket expenses, but from time to time additional fees that are out of our hands can be incurred. This will be discussed at the time and our Estimate for time will be firm.

If you decide to go ahead based on our Estimate and recommended course of action, you should send us full details of the case.

On receipt of the fee as set out in our estimate,  as only cleared funds are acted upon, we will begin the investigation.

Please notify us if your requirements change and we will send you a revised agreement for payment which will enable us to commence work on your behalf.

We will discuss your case with you at each stage. When it is concluded, we will email you a report with our findings, plus any applicable time and date stamped images obtained during the investigation. An invoice marked as paid will also be sent to you at conclusion.

Debtor tracing in Chelmsford Essex
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We have a minimum charge of six hours per period of surveillance and this is due to other work commitments.

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Tracing people

Between £150-£300 Per trace

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Process serving

We have a Minimum charge of £195 per Service, inclusive of up to two attendances. Additional fees apply thereafter.

Essex Private Investigators t/a KSM Investigations

We like to be transparent and therefore display our fees for your kind consideration.

If you need Surveillance, Debtor tracing, Process Server or any of our other services…

or email us at for an informal discussion and a free, no obligation quote.

Our Services

Matrimonial Infidelity

Clients often suspect that their partner is having an extramarital affair but have no proof.

Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance is watching and following people and situations without detection.

Debtor Trace

If someone has left you with an unpaid debt and you want to carry out a Debtor Trace we can help you.

Process Server

We have long and extensive experience of Process serving in Essex and the surrounding areas.