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Process Server

We have long and extensive experience of Process serving in Essex and the surrounding areas.

Essex Private Investigators can assist you Professionally and speedily.

Our Process Server will provide a tenacious and professional service at all times.

We are happy to take instructions from you over the ‘phone or by email and will serve any legal papers in compliance with the precise requirements of the Rules of Service.

These include a wide range of legal documents such as and for example –

  • Family proceedings and non-molestation orders,
  • Injunctions, legal claims and statutory demands
  • Examination and charging orders
  • Winding up, bankruptcy and divorce petitions
  • Witness and judgment summonses

Once service has been completed, we will send you a full report confirming that the documents have been correctly served, and provide a statement, certificate or a sworn affidavit to that effect, that we can prepare on your behalf.

Process serving in Chelmsford Essex

Process Serving

If you want any of the following documents but not limited to, personally served we have an in house professional Process Server available to assist.

With over thirty years of experience there are not many documents we have not served on behalf of our Solicitor clients. Once service is complete we will provide you with the Process Servers, certificate, Statement or Affidavit of Service.

  • Statutory Demand
  • Bankruptcy Petition
  • Winding up petition
  • Summons
  • High Court Injunction
  • Property Notices
  • Claim Form
  • Interim and Charging orders
  • Freezing Order
  • Break Notice
  • Non-molestation order
  • Order to attend court
  • Notice to quit
  • Divorce Petition
  • Committal Order
  • Licensing Notice
  • Occupation order
  • Witness Summons
  • Notice of Possession
  • Prohibited Steps Order
Need a Process Server in Chelmsford, Essex then see ‘Chelmsford Process Server’. Often Private investigators carry out Process Serving and this is one are we are Proficient in.
If you require a Process Server to personally serve or deliver a document…
or email us at for an informal discussion and a free, no obligation quote.

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