GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking devices are now commonplace within the surveillance industry with the advancement of technology now making these devices relatively cheap to supply and fit.

A GPS vehicle tracking device however can only be deployed in conjunction with an on going live surveillance enquiry and will be removed at the conclusion of the surveillance task as soon as possible.

The GPS vehicle tracking device is only an aid to a physical surveillance and not for clients. The data from the unit is only to aid to surveillance and no data will be provided to any third parties. At no time will our clients be permitted to access the GPS unit or data. The data would be inadmissible in court and therefore any data collected by the surveillance team for the purpose of the surveillance task will never be considered as ‘evidence’and will never be introduced to the evidence chain.

We are full members of the Association of British Investigators and we comply rigidly to the best practices Guide and Policies of the ABI. The aforementioned policy is specifically aimed at ABI members of course who are all bound by the ABI code of ethics.

The ABI Code Ethics (link here) We are unable to providing the data from the GPS unit to our clients without being in breach of the GeneralProtection Regulation2018, ‘GDPR’.

GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking units we deploy, as an aid to surveillance will of course eliminate and possible risk of a loss as long as the subject of the enquiry remains with their vehicle. As the units work in over 196 Countries, we feel confident that we will not have any loses, subject to any technical issues of course.

The nature of surveillance is that without the aid of a GPS vehicle tracker and limited man power a lose is likely and therefore in most cases if at all possible we will endeavour to use and monitor a subject with the aid of a GPS device.

The confidential report we prepare at the conclusion of your enquiry will contain only the ‘evidence’ of the physical surveillance and there will be no mention of the use of a GPS vehicle tracker.

There is currently no legislation that prevents the use, by an investigator “us” in the private sector using a GPS tracking device (For example on a car) without the consent of the owner or user of that vehicle, provided that the surveillance is lawful, justified and proportionate and the processing of such data captured in its use complies with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations, 2018.

We would be happy to assist you with any physical surveillance requirements you may have the need of and can assure you that every precaution is taken to make sure you and we remain legal throughout.

You can of course purchase your own GPS tracking unit off the www and of course you will be aware of the location of the vehicle you track, however the data can only tell you so much. Once that vehicle stops at a train station or other venue where the occupant is going to get out and walk, then all you will know is where the vehicle is parked.

The GPS can not obtain images of the person or persons and their activity. By carrying out physical surveillance with the aid of a GPS vehicle and Asset tracking unit you will get the whole picture. GPS vehicle and Asset tracking If you however have an asset you do not wish to loose or you need to track then these units are small and covert enough to fix to almost anything from push or motor bikes to Bull Dozers or Cranes.

If you require work further afield than essex please contact KSM Investigations

GPS vehicle tracking a legal aid to any surveillance task

A GPS vehicle tracker can constantly monitor a vehicle once the device is fitted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The coverage even works over seas.

If you therefore suspect someone is not being entirely truthful or that there is infidelity within your relationship then physical surveillance maybe the only way forward to obtain the evidence you require.